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Jerusalem Hills Inn

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Luxury rooms at affordable rates to those visiting the Jerusalem area

Industry: Hospitality
Products or Services: Service


Name: Chaim Singerman

Email: chaim.singerman@gmail.com

Phone: 077-557-0948

Mobile: 052-727-9117

PO Box 40174 , Mevaseret Zion 90805


We are seeking: [326]
How we plan to use financing:

We need to hire a manager for the b&b.


Business Website: http://www.jerusalemhillsinn.com

[if 736]Crowdfunding Campaign: [736][/if 736]

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3uadPlFvx0


Executive Summary:

Jerusalem Hills Inn is owned and operated by Chaim & Ruti Singerman, a family from Texas with 7 children, who made Aliyah to Israel in January 2008.  Jerusalem Hills Inn is a family-run bed-and-breakfast, conveniently located about 10 minutes from downtown Jerusalem.  It is 30 minutes to Ben Gurion Airport, 45 minutes to the Dead Sea, and 45 minutes to Tel Aviv.  This makes a great base for seeing the many sites in and around the Jerusalem area, including the Dead Sea, Qumran, En Gedi, and Masada.  We are happy to assist with itinerary planning, to help make your Israel experience unforgettable!