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Golden Hues Consultants Private Ltd

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We are human capital provider engaged in recruitment services.

Industry: Other Recruitment Services
Products or Services: Service


Name: Rohit Abraham Benjamin

Email: rohitabram@hotmail.com

Mobile: 919176676480

Flat E-1, Glory Block, RCPG, 97, Redhills Perambur Road , Chennai 600099



We are seeking: [326]
How we plan to use financing:

Not looking at any financing at this stage but a platform to collaborate with entrepreneurs to see how we could be a part of the First Fruits vision.


Business Website: http://www.goldenhues.com/

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Promo Video: http://www.goldenhues.com/


Executive Summary:

Started this recruitment firm after spending 10 years in the logistics and insurance business. As a recruitment firm, which supports hiring mandates for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies operating in India and abroad, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a player who engages closely with its clients and delivers value of global standards. The foundation of our business is built on Integrity of Heart and Skill of our Hands with a deep passion to see the Kingdom of our Lord expanding.