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Event Details
What are the dates of the Israel Business Forum?
  • Forum Conference: March 10-16
  • Forum Experience (includes Tour & Conference): March 5-16, 2019
  • Local Encounter: March 13-14 (Day Pass)
Where is the Israel Business Forum located?

The Israel Business Forum takes place in Israel. The tour portion of the Forum explores multiple locations in Israel, including: Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Area, the Galilee, and the Mediterranean Coast. A general itinerary can downloaded here.

When will the full schedule be available?
The complete forum schedule will be available in early 2019.
What is the price of the forum?

Pricing is based on selected package.

  DOUBLE (Room Occupancy)

  • Forum Experience: 3995/person
  • Forum Conference: 2495/person

SINGLE (Room Occupancy)

  • Forum Experience: 4995/person
  • Forum Conference: 3295/person

Day Passes are also available for the Local Encounter (Wednesday and Thursday, March 13 & 14) at $595.

What does the Forum price include?

The Forum registration price includes all hotel, meals, transportation and airport pick-up/drop-off (per schedule) as well as all conference fees.

For those participating in the Tour, the pricing includes all tour fees, including: transportation, meals, entrance fees guide/bus driver and tips. We also provide water bottles on the bus

Pricing does NOT include: airfare, travel insurance, visa fees (if applicable) or spending money.

Do you prorate Forum pricing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to prorate our Forum package pricing. We are also unable to deduct specific costs, such as meals, should a participant choose not to participate.

What is the cancellation policy?

The $500 deposit is non-refundable. All other fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Note: We cannot guarantee refunds of any sort after February 1.

What are the Forum accommodations?

The Forum hotels include:

Ramada hotel, Jerusalem.

West Lagoon Resort, Netanya.

I am arriving early/staying longer; can I book additional nights with the hotel?

If you are arriving early or staying additional days after the Forum, please contact Dafna Jelski from Sar-El Tours and notify her if you would like to extend your stay should you wish to stay at the tour/conference hotel. Payment for these additional nights, however, will be made directly to Sar-El Tours. They may require a deposit and/or payment in advance.

Please make sure to send a copy of the e mail to

How do I register for the forum?

You can register online here.

I am bringing or traveling with a group. Do we all have to register at the same time?

The process of registration depends on your group type/group size. If you are the group leader, please contact us regarding your group’s registration process.

If you are a participant, please contact your group leader on how to proceed. 

If I’ve already registered, how do I update or change my information?

If you’re information has changed, please email us directly at

Can I bring my children to the forum?

We are a family friendly environment. However, please keep in mind that the tour involves extensive walking and the Forum itself is business in nature. Not all touring and Forum activities may be suitable or interesting for children.

Travel Information

Do I need a Passport?

Yes. All travelers are required to show proof of citizenship, which means a valid passport. For a passport to be valid it must:

(1) Not be damaged in any way

(2) Not have any missed or altered page

(3) Not expire within six months of your travel. (Meaning, for travel to the Forum, your passport SHOULD NOT expire prior to September 16, 2019. If your passport expires prior to September 16, you will want to obtain a new passport. All non-citizens of the U.S. must have passports, visas and other documentation normally required for entry into the country of destination. Do not pack your passport or travel documents in your checked luggage. 

Do I need a visa?

Non U.S. Citizens need to check for their country’s particular requirements.
Click here to view visa requirements

U.S. Citizens do not need to apply for a VISA prior to departure.

We also encourage all participants to register with their country’s embassy prior to departure, if that service if offered. For U.S. citizens, you can register here. (

Should I make copies of any documents before I leave for Israel?

In general, it is a good idea to make photocopies of the following: the first two pages of your passport, credit cards, airline tickets and itinerary and travel insurance details. We recommend leaving a copy with a contactable friend or family member at home.

You may also want to bring a copy with you. If so, these should be kept separate from your originals and should NOT be backed in your checked luggage. Our recommendation is to scan these copies and email to yourself or save in a password protected area of your phone. This ensures access in case of loss but eliminates keeping track of a second set of documents.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Yes! Travel to and in Israel is very safe. We simply encourage participants to exercise the same kind of precautions they would when traveling to any major city or another country.

What time zone is Israel in?

Israel Standard Time (IST) is the standard time zone in Israel. It is 2 hours ahead of UTC and 7 hours ahead of EST.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not required. HOWEVER, it is highly recommended. (This is specific insurance purchased for the trip as a supplement to any regular insurance policy, as most policies do not have or only have minimal international/travel coverage.) International Travel Insurance cost is very minimal and worth the fee, especially in the event it is needed.

Is airport transportation available?

Israel Firstfruits will be providing group transportation service to and from the airport for Forum participants at specific times. These times will be emailed prior to the Forum to all registrants. If you wish to take advantage of the Forum Shuttle, you will need to forward your request at least two weeks prior to the event. 

If you DO NOT wish to take advantage of this service, there are several other modes of airport transportation. Taxis and sheruits (shuttles) are easily accessed outside the baggage claim terminal. Private reservations can also be made. All fees for transport outside of the Firstfruits shuttles are the responsibility of the traveler.

Can you accommodate physical restrictions?

This really depends on the situation. If you have a physical condition that necessitates special accommodations, please contact us directly at

What if I have a medical emergency?

Should you have a medical emergency, medical care is readily available. Medical Care in Israel is some of the best in the world, so you can rest assured you be attended to properly and expertly.

Can I pack liquids in my luggage?

As with all air travel, it is important to refer to your specific air carrier’s baggage requirements prior to departure. In general, liquids, aerosols and gels are not prohibited. However, if you are packing liquids, aerosols and gels (including lotion, toothpaste, etc) in your carry-on, they must be in 3 oz/100 ml containers or less AND all containers must fit in one transparent quart size ziplock bag. Containers larger than 3 oz or not in a ziplock bag must be packed in your checked luggage or they will be confiscated at security.

Of special note: Please check with the gate attendant at the airport regarding their policy for duty-free and liquids (i.e. drinks) purchased at the airport. Even if you purchased the item in the airport, they may not allow it on the plane! We recommend confirming before making any major purchases.

What do I do when I arrive in Israel?

Upon arrival in Israel, you will be required to clear customs and claim your baggage. As you exit baggage claim, there is a reception hall where you will be greeted by Israel Business Forum staff if you are taking the Forum Shuttle. This schedule will be emailed to all participants prior to the Forum. If you would like to take advantage of our airport shuttle, please contact us.

For those who wish to arrange their own transportation, there are taxis and sheiruts (shuttles) available just outside of baggage claim. Private reservations can also be made online. Participants not utilizing the scheduled airport shuttle times are responsible for their own transportation to/from the hotel.


Do I need exchange money?

Israel’s currency is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). While many places accept U.S. Dollars, British Points and Euros, we recommend exchanging some money for smaller purchases or places like convenience stores, the market, etc.

There are multiple locations to exchange money, including the airport and most hotels. There are also a number of exchange venues in Jerusalem, which typically offer better exchange rates.

ATMs are also readily available and provide an easy way to get cash. Depending on your bank, they may offer the best exchange rate (as opposed to cast). We recommend contacting your bank prior to travel to obtain rate information and inform them of your travel plans.

Can I use my debit/credit card?

Most shops and restaurants accept foreign debit/credit cards. We recommend contacting your banking institution prior to travel to place a “travel alert” on your card.

Of special note: Prepaid Credit/Debit cards are typically not the best option for traveling to Israel. For whatever reason, they are not always accepted. As such, we recommend traditional or typical debit/credit cards.


What should I pack?

Great question! Our team will send a packing list prior to the event to aid in your travel preparations.

Dress code

Israelis tend to be informal, so we suggest Business Casual attire. However, if you prefer a more formal dress style (suit for men, dress for ladies), that is entirely appropriate.

Please keep in mind that many places in Israel, including Jerusalem, are quite conservative. This is especially important on the tour days when we will be visiting holy sites. Most sites have strict dress codes that are enforced. In general:

  • No shorts for men or women
  • Long skirts or capris are acceptable for women
  • Shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders; no tank tops and sleeveless shirts for men or women. For the ladies, no low cut tops
  • We recommend bringing a shawl or jacket even if the weather is warmer just as a precaution

These are some general guidelines. More information will be included in the packing list.

What is the weather like in Israel?

March is at the end of the winter/rainy season in Israel. As such, temperatures will be cooler. The average temperature may vary and might be very cold in (10-15°C / 50-60°F) or even might get very warm (25-30°C / 77-86°F). We recommend bringing a rain jacket and/or umbrella as well as a swimsuit

We recommended getting weather updates few days prior to your flight.

Is there a lot of walking/hiking?

The Touring portions of the Forum will include considerable walking. Most will be light to moderately strenuous with breaks throughout the day as we go site-to-site. Please keep in mind that walks can – and often do – include steps and uneven terrain.

Can I use my cell phone in Israel?

This depends on your individual carrier. Most cell phone providers now offer a variety of international plans and we highly recommending checking with your carrier prior to departure to see what international options they provide. It is especially important to ask them about your DATA plan. Not all plans cover data and the fees for international roaming can be excessive.

If your phone is unlocked, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card in Israel. WiFi is accessible most places as well for those who may wish to use an app such as WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

Is laundry service available?

Most hotels offer laundry service for a fee. To use this service, you will need to inquire at reception.

Do I need an adapter for my electronics?

If you are from someplace other than the Middle East, you will need a Middle Eastern adapter to plug in your electronics. Most hotels in Israel will have 220 volts AC 50 Hz. For devices such as hair dryers, electric razors, etc., you should also use a CONVERTOR to prevent damage.

Some small electronic devices are dual-voltage and will adjust automatically for other countries. For these, you can simply use an adapter. Before departure, check the manual or power cord for the device to know if it will work with 220 voltage without a converter. Please note that U.S. electronics that are not dual-voltage should never be used without a converter with a voltage of 220.


Can I drink tap water in Israel?

Yes! The water in Israel is safe to drink. (And good for you, too.) Bottled water is always available for purchase as well.

Can you accommodate restricted diets?

Yes, we can accommodate most restricted diets but will need at least two-week notice for any request. Please contact us at for any questions or concerns.

Will we have a tour guide for our tour?

Yes, we work with some of Israel’s top-rated tour guides and are thrilled to have them as part of the Forum.

U.S. Mailing Address:

PO Box 3785
Grapevine, TX 76099

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