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Dozo Deli

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Dozo deli specializesin preparing and selling Asian food, Asian delicacies

Industry: Food
Products or Services: Product


Name: Erez Reuter

Email: dozodeli@gmail.com

Mobile: 0542338469

ashdot yaacov meuhad emek hyarden , emek hayarden 1515000


We are seeking: [326]
How we plan to use financing:

Need to show equity to get a loan approval for the new business


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Executive Summary:

• Dozooffers a unique shopping experience and afforableprices .

• Deli specializes in Asian seafood and meat delicacies.

• The restaurant offers ChefAnat Reuter’s unique menu, which includes Oriental dishes especially

adapted tothe Israeli local market.

• Dozo pastry presents a rich dessert menu and homemade ice cream pastry byChefErezReuter.

• The customer enjoysprofessional and courteous service.  While viewing the preparation of their meal, the customer receives recommendations on the various products they are purchasing.

• It’s possible to purchase the food items on site in the self-service restaurant, or request take-out or delivery service.

*******Planned to be a future business********