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Industry: Food
Products or Services: Product

The Purveyors of the Finest Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Name: Jan Fiedosewicz

Email: Yirmeyah616@walla.com

Phone: 03-969-8144

Mobile: 052-8262443

Address:Abramowicz 7/16 Rishon Lezion 75282


We are seeking: Loans, Mentoring, Customers/Sales Leads

How we plan to use financing:

For the purchase of a Norwalk juicer the cost includes shipping and customs fees.


Crowdfunding Campaign: http://igg.me/at/av8tor-2-juice-connoisseur


Executive Summary:

Juicing, as meal replacement or mere refreshment, has become a $5 billion business, and is projected to grow by 4% to 8% a year. The latest juicing craze is best viewed as a national move, especially among people in their 20s and 30s, toward healthier eating and greater consumption of raw and organic produce.

According to my research, concerning trends for purchasing organic products in Israel I believe that the price of organic products will start to decrease in two to three years as more people begin to purchase organic products. Currently, only 5% of the population purchases organic products. In regular supermarkets one is already able to see small sections for organic produce which was a similar situation before the organic purchasing boom happened in the United States.

In order to capitalize on this opportunity, I have decided to create Juice*O to provide freshly squeezed organic fruit and vegetable juices to the customer. The target market will be the upper to middle class individuals from the ages of 30 to 40 who are either single or married with young children, highly educated and also lead active lifestyles. The juices will be offered in 3 cup sizes small for 18₪, medium for 20₪ and large for 25₪. It is estimated that after 5 years I will make a profit of 1.6 million₪. The biggest competitor is Re:bar which had a profit of 30 million ₪ last year. The method of how I believe I can differentiate myself from them is threefold-fold: one, I will use a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer as opposed to a centrifugal juicer this will yield a greater volume of juice and there will be no loss of nutrients secondly I will use only organic products as opposed to non-organic and thirdly I will specialize in selling only fruit and vegetable juices as opposed to Re:bar which also sells smoothies.

The initial legal structure of the business will be a licensed business which will be under my wife. Ultimately my plan is to later change to a corporation under my name. Initially my wife will be the CEO of the licensed business and after two and a half years I will be the CEO when the status is changed to a corporation.

The initial business will be a table located in the HaTachana the old train station which is in Newe Tzedek a suburb of Tel Aviv. The business will be opened every Friday from 9am to 3pm. The rationale behind selection of this location is that there is a lot of tourist and local traffic.

My business concept is to provide freshly squeezed organic fruit and vegetable juices in order for people to taste the difference for themselves organic versus conventional or genetically modified organism GMO. I will give people a small sample of conventional fruit juice and then a small sample of organic fruit juice.

It is the mission of Juice*O to be the finest purveyors of with the freshest, healthiest, and the tastiest organic fruit and vegetable juices that are served always with a smile.

The vision of the company is to promote an active healthy and organic lifestyle. The “O” stands for organic it is our promise that it will be like that always. Our desire is to evoke an awareness and change in the consumer’s mind about the health benefits of organic juicing and the dangers that are posed by GMO food.

The company story: A pilot and an avid organic lifestyle juicing fanatic with a broad range of interests and a very vivid imagination has decided to put all these passions together and squeeze them for you to enjoy.